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Air Purifier Product Comparison Table

by on 28th May 2020

Air Purifier Product Table 

Following many requests, we are pleased to share our product matrix our engineers put together as a result of our research. Not all the information is given clearly by all manufacturers so where not available, we have made assumptions based on the information available.

Model Technology Established in purification HEPA - EN1822 certified? Max flow rate Noise at 240 m3/hr Manufactured Location Purchase Price (+VAT) Air quality sensor location Lead Time      
Genano 350 Ionisation 1999 N/A 300 m3/hr circa. 45 dBA Finland  £5,200 N/A 2 weeks      
Woodpecker Q3 Ionisation Not stated N/A  340 m3/hr circa. 50 dBA China £600 On machine 6 weeks       
IQAir Cleanroom 250 HEPA Since 1970 5.5m2, EN1822 certified 530 m3/hr 47 dBA Switzerland £1,322 N/A 12 weeks      
GRU-V UV-C 1997 N/A  60 m3/hr 50 dBA UK £695 N/A 4 weeks       
DentAir HEPA + UV-C + Ionisation 2020 6m2, TBC 600m3/hr circa. 45 dBA China £830 On machine 8 weeks      
VK401  HEPA + UV-C + PCO 2014 Not specified  240 m3/hr circa. 40 dBA South Korea £1,200 N/A 4 weeks      
Airvia Pro 150   HEPA + UV-C + Ionisation + PCO 2010 4.3m2, EN1822 certified 550 m3/hr circa. 46 dBA China £740 Remote 6 weeks        
Jade SC5000C HEPA + UV-C + Ionisation + PCO Not stated 5.1m2, EN1822 certified  650 m3/hr circa. 40 dBA China £1,700 On machine TBC        

E&EO. Where specific details aren’t available we have made assumptions. 

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Airvia Aero 100 Air Purifier


8 stage filtration system refreshs and purifies the air in your surgery quickly and efficiently. 

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IQAir Cleanroom 250 Dental air Cleaner


#1 rated air purifier! Offering H13 particulate filtration for effective control of airborne contamination.

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Airvia Pro 150 Air Purifier


8 stage filtration system refreshs and purifies the air in your surgery quickly and efficiently. .

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