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Equipment Checklist – Weekly Lockdown Tests

by on 11th May 2020

We have written guidance to help prevent issues with your equipment when reopening. Equipment is not designed to be out of action for extended periods (more than 4 days) and there are risks with several valves and motors that can seize. The guidance seeks to address this but is no guarantee malfunctions might still occur. It is reccommended to carry out weekly checks to your equipment. 

Dental equipment protocols will vary depending on the type, age and model of your equipment. Water line system protocols will vary from manufacturers such as KaVo, Sirona, Planmeca as many of these have built in disinfection processes.

Should there be any issues or you wish for an engineer to attend prior to your reopening, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01763 849990 or email us on 

Please click here to download your checklist!

Please see the webinar video here for more guidance.