Top tip #5: 10 top tips to start and run a successful squat dental practice

by Anglian Dental on 8th September 2017


Top tip #5: 10 top tips to start and run a successful squat dental practice

Marketing for a dental practice can be split into two sections. Both are essential.

  1. Your marketing positioning and base. This includes your unique proposition, website, brand name and logo, your reason for existence, your practice location and your goals. These are the things which will continually deliver benefits. 
  2. Your marketing strategies and campaigns. These are necessary to provide short term boost to your sales. These include leaflet drops, open days, sponsoring events and even a referral scheme.

Market positioning and base:

It is essential that as a practice owner and business manager, you set aside time to spend on marketing. If you get caught up in the day-to-day running of a practice, you will slow your chances of growth. Managing everything can be extremely challenging and this is one of the key reasons why so many start-up businesses fail. Employing a head nurse or appointing a practice manager right from the outset will free up your precious time to spend on important marketing activities. 

Decide on your proposition and what you want to offer and ensure it stands out from your competitors. 

A good quality website is essential and you should give consideration to search engine optimisation. Setting the website up before the practice opens should be a priority. This will provide credibility and give your patients, suppliers and staff confidence in your business.

Marketing Strategies and campaigns:

The actual opening of the practice itself is a major marketing opportunity and can be promoted via a leaflet drop to local homes and businesses. A press release (perhaps even approaching the local radio station) and an open day to meet potential patients in an informal setting may also prove beneficial.

Approach local businesses that operate in a similar health and wellbeing field such as gyms, spas, beauty salons and hairdressers. Involving them in your project may prove beneficial to both parties. For example, you could provide their customers with a unique offer that adds value to their business and engage in reciprocal advertising that delivers mutual benefits to all business involved.

A patient referral scheme is a great way to attract new patients. Once set up, you will receive good quality referrals and enquiries for a small cost.

Offering a free initial check-up is a popular way to attract new patients. Patients see this as a low risk way to test your services before deciding whether to spend their money. This also helps to build a relationship with your client base.

Pay attention to the Google reviews of the practice. Younger, tech-savvy patients will refer to these before attending so it’s essential that these are excellent. Train your reception team on how to treat disgruntled patients and ensure you always find a solution to their problems. Remember, it’s much better to lose some money on solving one patient’s problem than to lose ten new patients because of one bad review!

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