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KaVo 1058 Life


The New KaVo Primus 1058 Life!

Reliable day after day...

The KaVo 1058 has been the synonym for quality and reliability in the dental world for over 15 years. Consequently, KaVo's development team has passionately designed the new Primus 1058 Life around these core values whilst adding a significant number of improvements and innovations including:

  • NEW dentist element – With direct programme buttons and integrated display for easy operation.
  • NEW optimised ergonomics - Low motor noise and backrest-controlled Trendelenburg-movement for patient comfort.
  • NEW contemporary design - Modern styling and elegant chair upholstery.
  • NEW assistant element - With direct access buttons for better retrieval of hygiene functions and intensive germ reduction.
  • NEW patient communication system CONEXIOcom - fully digital system with an unique user philosophy.

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