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Ajax SP1000 Extra-Oral Aerosol Suction Machine

Part Number: SP1000

£2,399.00 ex vat
(inc vat £2,878.80)
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£1,999.00 (£2,398.80 inc VAT)
Description Ajax SP1000 extra-oral suction system provides a practical and effective solution to mitigate the risk posed by aerosols by quickly removing and filtering them.

Suction away areosols generated by dental procedures using this specifically designed unit. Protect your clinical teams and patients from the spread of hamrful bacteria and viruses generated from aerosols.

- 3000 litres per minuet suction to create negative pressure around the patients head. High volume suction is tyically around 250 litres per minuet!

- UV-C lamps to kill viruses

- 3 stage HEPA 14 filtration to remove particles down to 0.3uM, including most viruses

- Articulating arm allowing postioning of suction head over patients head whilst keeping the mobile trolley out of the immeadiate area

- Quite operation at 58dBa. Similar to a suction pump.

- 24 month warranty

- Unit is plug and play, no plumbing is necessary

- HEPA Filter to be replaced on average every 12 months depending upon use. Fine filter every 6 months

- All technical, spare parts and after sales support is provided from our UK office and warehouse

- 3-4 week lead time currently