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Airvia Aero 100 Air Purifier

Part Number: AP0005

£580.00 ex vat
(inc vat £696.00)
Description A versatile, all-in-one purifier.

The AIRVIA AERO 100 air purifier can treat an area of up to 100 m². It has been designed to adapt to all situations thanks to five speed levels as well as to all profiles, individuals and professionals alike. It is perfectly silent in speed 1, as if in night mode, but will surprise you with its power of up to 500m3/h in speed 5.

It was designed as a versatile, all-in-one device with a broad spectrum of action. It targets air quality as a whole. Its design is inspired by the aeronautical world and its filtration technologies come from the medical world.

Current lead time is 4 weeks.