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Waterline Treatment And Hygiene

Waterline Treatment And Hygiene

Dental Waterline Shock Treatment | Bilpron And Alpron Alternatives | Biofilm Removal Products

We know waterline shock treatment and hygiene in your dental practices is of utmost importance to you and your patients, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. We offer a line of essential bactericidal and fungicidal products to decontaminate your chairs, and for biofilm removal in waterlines to maintain them free of contaminants and build-up.

Our series of Belmont dental waterline shock treatment products meets or exceeds the widely used Bilpron and Alpron dental waterline treatment products. Our Shock Treatment kits are packaged in convenient pre dosed sachets saving time and taking the guess work out of your waterline treatments and maintenance.

Belmont dental surgery cleaners make sure your practice always offers a safe environment for your staff and clientele. Our B100 upholstery cleaner kills viruses and germs whilst being gentle on your upholstery, keeping your chairs clean, hygienic, without making the upholstery brittle. The Belmont B300 chair and surface disinfector is a fast acting, reduced alcohol bactericidal that is also effective on viruses, and works in as little as 20 seconds.

Dental hygiene products: Safe, Simple, Effective, and Convenient. You may want to check our comprehensive Dental Surgery Lockdown Maintenance Checklist to assess what hygiene products you need. See below to buy these online, or contact our helpful team by email or phone.