A unique, quick-drying hand foam that protects, moisturises and nurtures your skin.

The long-lasting protection resists repeated washing and alcohol gels. Hypoallergenic and non-greasy, it allows the skin to perspire normally.

Hand cure

”I’ve been able to stop buying expensive steroid cream under prescription from the doctor.”

Practice Manager - Northampton

”Wow! Not sticky or greasy. My skin immediately felt smoother.”

Nurse - Aberdeen


The Problem
Dry hands

Repeatedly washing your hands with soap, using an alcohol gel and wearing gloves leads to dry, cracked skin. This is a key problem for healthcare professionals. The usual skin creams provide an artificial layer that is often greasy and is easily removed. This clogs pores and inhibits the skin’s ability to function normally.


Common symptoms are:

Dry, cracked & painful

The hand cure solution:

Prevents, protects & heals


The Solution
Skilflex Hand Cure

By bonding with the skin’s outer layer, Skilflex Hand Cure locks in natural moisture and oils. It does not wash off but reduces naturally as your skin exfoliates. For continued protection, simply reapply in 4-12 hours.

Hypoallergenic, non-greasy and fast drying, Skilflex Hand Cure moisturises, nurtures and protects in one application. It enables your skin to perspire normally.

"I have tried so many creams over the years. They take time to dry which makes putting on gloves difficult and uncomfortable."

Dentist - Liverpool

How It Works
Skilflex Hand Cure

Skin before application

Skin before application

Damage to the skin's natural barrier leads to moisture loss, which causes dry, cracked skin.

Skin after application

Skin after application

Skilflex Hand Cure not only prevents skin from drying further, but allows it to draw moisture in. The protective barrier seals in moisture and reduces the rate of evaporation.

What Dental Professionals Are Saying
A Revolutionary Product

"It’s more economical and easier to use than a handcream as it keeps working."

Practice Manager - Manchester

"It makes it easier to put on gloves – essential when you have an impatient dentist!"

Nurse - Southampton

"Hide it from everyone else!"

Dentist - Essex


Buying Options
A Helping Hand

Skilflex Hand Cure Foam - 2x 150ml cans
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Skilflex Hand Cure Foam - 6x 150ml cans
£16.50 per unit
Skilflex Hand Cure Foam - 6x 150ml cans Price: £99.00 Ex. VAT (Inc £118.80)
Skilflex Hand Cure Foam
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Skilflex Hand Cure Foam - 1x 50ML Trial Can
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