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Genano 350 Air Sterilisation and Purifier




Efficient and Compact Air Sterilisation and Purification Device For Dental Surgeries and Waiting rooms 


Air particle filtration system utilising patented non-thermal plasma technology to eliminate 99.9% of organic microbes down to 0.003µm preventing the need to change/clean a contaminated filter. The technology is proven having been developed to counter the SARS outbreak and has now been further developed to ensure suitability for CV-19.



Kill Not Collect

Genano's patented electric air purification method purifies indoor air even of nanoscale impurities. The method eliminates organic microbes, such as viruses, bacteria and mold. In addition the method removes dangerous VOCs and smells.

five Step Ionisation and filtration 



Want to Kill Viruses in your dental surgery?


5 - 7 day lead time

No filter to change

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