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Air Purification and Air Filtration for Universities

Air Purification and Air Filtration for Colleges

Air Purification and Air Filtration for Schools and All Educational Facilities

Air Purifiation and Air Filtration for Classrooms, Common Rooms and Lecture Halls

Does your School, College, University or Education Facility require a Cost-Effective Air Filtration Device that can be retrofit with little hassle?

Read the below Case Study to find out how Anglian were able to provide the perfect solution for the University of Essex.

Client: University of Essex

Client Requirements:

The University needed Air Filtration devices for their classrooms that:

- Had a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
- Was Relatively Small to be placed in a classroom without major infrastructure changes
- Did not have ‘on-unit’ controls to avoid tampering and changing of optimal settings
- Was Capable of being wall mounted
- Could be fitted with anti-theft measures to safeguard their investment.

The Anglian Solution

Anglian was able to provide the Airvia air purification units developed for the medical and dental industries that are being utilised in other universities to ensure the air in lecture rooms, classrooms, labs and other educational facilities is being effectively cleaned. The Airvia devices have a very high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of up to 550m3/h in a relatively small machine which can easily be place in existing rooms without any installation costs.
The Airvia air purification units also are controlled via a remote without controls on the actual device. This enables the unit to be set up with the correct settings and then left without fear of settings being altered by mischievous offenders.
In this case the client opted to alter the device by attaching a chain to avoid theft, thereby protecting their investment

Additional Benefits

In addition to this specific use case, the Airvia Air Purification Units are perfect for Universities, Schools and Other Educational Facilities for the below reasons:
- Low noise levels (Between 30 db to 68 db) so that students can concentrate
- 12 Month Filter Life
- 5 Year Warranty
- Conforms to stringent Dental Surgery air qualifications
- 8 steps of filtration for peace of mind and a safe classroom environment in one compact unit
- Activated Charcoal Filter will remove unwanted odours leaving the classroom an even healthier and pleasant place to be.

Read the Full REHVA COVID-19 Guidance for Facilities Here.

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