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Airvia Aero 150 Air Steriliser and Purification





An innovative Design with 360° air intake


The AIRVIA Medical Air Purifier was designed to offer you optimal efficiency. Thanks to its cylindrical shape and its 360° air intake system, it is both stylish and efficient. The air intake system consists of several concentric ducts and is capable of extracting air in all directions, even over a long distance, to make the air healthier. The air in your room is quickly and efficiently refreshed and purified.


A Powerful vertical pressurisation system

Thanks to its vertical discharge pressurisation system and its internal grid, purified air is injected back throughout the room in a soundless and homogeneous manner. The AIRVIA Medical Air Purifier’s innovative design is the result of a patented technology. It is the first device to ever mix cylindrical suction and vertical discharge, resulting in a clean air flow over a long distance. You will not be disturbed by the sound level or by the strength of the air blown.




purified Air in a matter of Minutes 

The AIRVIA Medical Air Purifier is capable of completely cleaning the air of a 1600 square feet (150 m²) room in a few minutes. We use 5 different filtration levels to eliminate all suspended particles (PM 2.5). Using a design inspired by aircraft turbines you will be able to greatly reduce the downtime between patients whilst minimising the risk of cross-infection.




Eight Steps to Purified Air

Airvia Aero 150 is an air purification device that combines eight different technologies to give you the reassurance of clean air!

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Monitor Real-time Air Quality in your dental surgery


Technical Specifications
Product Model AIRVIA PRO 150
Reference Number PRO150
Colour Gold + Black
Range of Action Up to 1600 ft² (150 m²)
Particle CADR From 90 to 550 m3/h depending on the speed
Particle CCM P4 (highest possible grade)
Formaldehyde CCM F4 (highest possible grade)
Negative Ions Density 20 million pc/cm3
Input Voltage & Frequency AC 220V - 50Hz
Wattage Speed 1 : 9.8W
Speed 2 : 13.6W
Speed 3 : 28.2W
Speed 4 : 37.8W
Speed 5 : 54.5W
Fan Speed Levels 1-2-3-4-5 (5 levels)
Noise Level (decibels) Speed 1 = silent (< 30 dB)
Speed 2 = 41dB
Speed 3 = 50dB
Speed 4 = 62dB
Speed 5 = 68dB
Product Size 31.25 x 84.0 cm (diameter x height)
Net Weight 11.8 kg
Multi-Layer Filter Weight: 3.6 kg.
Inner diameter x Outer diameter x Height: 15.5 x 2.0 x 60.0 cm
Filter Composition Pre-filter + Bamboo Fibre and Lysozyme + HEPA H13 Filter + Activated Charcoal + Photocatalysis
Lifespan of filter 12 months
Purification Functions (in addition to filter) - Ionization (20 million pc/cm3)
- UV sterilisation (UVC lamp - 254nm)
Pre-filter Integrated to the main filter and replaceable separately
Remote Control Display Real-time digital display
Remote Control Display Sensors - Fine particles sensor (PM2.5)
- Chemical pollution sensor (HCHO)
- Temperature and Humidity sensors
Air Quality Indicator Excellent: Green; Good: Blue; Fair: Yellow; Bad: Red
Warranty 5-year Limited Warranty




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5 year warranty

Current lead time is 6 weeks

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